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In order for you to succeed as a coach, we will give you all the knowledge, strategies, and techniques you need in this certification.

Accredited Certification.

After passing all tests, you will be granted a certificate with a provider number that equates to 48 contact hours and NSCA 2.0, ISSA 16 C.E.Us, NASM: 1.9 C.E.Us, AFAA: 15 C.E.Us, that you can apply toward your C.P.T recertification.

Performance Lifts for Athletes is a very thorough course that teaches you how to develop more screening techniques and improve your clients' quickness, strength, and coordination. This course's author has written it in a style that is both clear and concise. Because he used segmentation and practices throughout the course, it is very well organized and simple to read.
Chirine Ghalayini
Gym Owner, Personal Trainer
The author of the course has more than 11 years of experience working with clients in the fitness industry and is a former national athlete and personal trainer. Literally everything he has ever learned and accomplished in the fitness industry is available to us in this course.
Youssof Khalife
Personal Trainer, Health Coach
Trainers should consider PLA if they want to enhance their Strength and Conditioning pt sessions. I chose the Performance Lifts program after doing some research, and I've been using it for a few months now. I'll admit that I was initially a little dubious, but I'm glad I made the change.
Firas KaedBey
Personal Trainer