The director and curator of BODY UNIT ACADEMY’s workshops and courses is Fouad. He also has a Master of Science in Psychology, is a Master Practitioner of NLP, and is an Fitness Master Trainer accredited from (ISSA, NASM, NSCA, CROSSFIT, ACE, GLOBAL PT, AFAA). With numerous national records in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Mid-Distance Running, and Track and Field, Fouad was a talented athlete. The majority of Fouad’s personal training clients are post-rehab clients, fitness enthusiasts into strength and conditioning, and professional athletes.


In order to make all of the knowledge available to all of our supporters via our various digital platforms, Maria has been the leading manager in converting the literature into digital form. Maria is the senior manager for marketing and development.



Mehio is a well-known bodybuilding instructor and aesthetics specialist who has built his entire career around aesthetically sculpting both his own life and the physiques of his clients. Since he is the B.A.U.’s public relations champion, his work has helped recruit trainers from all areas of Lebanon who are now enrolled at our courses.

Body building and functional fitness are incorporated into Mehio’s personal training to meet the needs and functional requirements of his clients’ lives. The BODYBUILDING TRACK by Mehio is available to people who want to advance through CUSTOMIZE TAILORED T RACK.


Imad (CPA, CIA), a fitness enthusiast himself, is our institution’s financial curator. The one who clarifies the situation and ensures that our company, like our body, is developing in a way that is growth-oriented and sustainable.



Dima Hadid is a clinical dietitian and a researcher with over 5 years experience in the field. She is currently a PhD student in the Health Policy PhD program at McMaster University, Canada. Dima holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from the Lebanese American University, Lebanon and a master’s degree in Public Health from Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom. Dima worked for five years as a senior research assistant at the American University of Beirut Medical Center in Lebanon. Most of the research she contributed to aimed at identifying recommendations to reduce health inequalities, revising quality care, and improving patient satisfaction/safety.

Consultant / Instructor

  • MSC.

    Psychology – Liverpool John Moores University.

  • ISSA – Master Trainer
  • ISSA/NCCPT – Powerlifting Instructor
  • ISSA – Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • ISSA – Tactical Conditioning Specialist
  • ISSA – Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • ISSA – Genetic Based Program Designer
  • ISSA – Nutrition Coach
  • ISSA – Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition – Exercise Nutrition
  • ON – Sports Nutrition
  • TRX – Suspension Trainer
  • Eleiko –  Weightliting Level 1
  • Crossfit – Lesson Planning
  • Crossfit – Spot the Flaw
  • Crossfit – Programming
  • EXOS – Absolute Speed
  • EXOS – Energy System
  • NSCA – NBA Roundtable
  • ISSA – Specific Nutrition
  • ACE – ACE IFT MODEL – Personal Training Program Design
  • INLPTA – NLP Master Practitioner 
  • PTA GLOBAL – Mindset Performance Credentials 
  • NASM – Mental Toughness
  • AFAA – Emotions in Motion: Exercise as An Anxiety Prevention
  • ACE – Fundamentals of Coaching Behavior Change
  • International Olympic Committee – The Winning Mindset
  • Muay Thai Champion – Gold – Mount Lebanon
  • Muay Thai Champion – Gold – Lebanese University Championship
  • Kickboxing K1 – Silver
  • Kickboxing Light Contact – Gold
  • Track And Field – 200m – Gold 1st Place – National Champion
  • 10k Beirut Marathon Race – Bronze 3rd Place – National Champion
  • Elite Club ½ Marathon Race – 10th Place National Competitor
  • World Muay Thai Championship 2013
  • Taekwondo– 1 Dan Black Belt 
  • Ansar Track and Field Team University Representer
  • Rocye Gracie – 3 Days Bjj Seminar
  • Daniel Pinto – 2 Days Bjj Seminar
  • Alberto Bitar – 2 Days Bjj Seminar

Master Trainer / Instructor

  • Bachelor Of Arts: Banking & Finance

    Bachelor of Arts: Interior Design

  • IFPA: Certified Personal Trainer

    ISSA: Certified Body Building Specialist

  • IFPA – Kettlebell L-1
  • IFPA – Kettlebell L-2
  • IFPA – Key Functional
  • BODY UNIT ACADEMY – Performance Lifts For Athletes
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