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personal training

Whether online or face-to-face, count on us to have your back. Transform your fitness journey with personalized training! Start today for a healthier, stronger, leaner you. 

accredited courses

Unlock your full potential with our Strength and Conditioning Course. Elevate your fitness journey now! Our course is accredited by the big four institutions NSCA, NASM, AFAA, ISSA.

nutrition consultation

Elevate your health with personalized nutrition guidance. Book your consultation for a nourished, vibrant you!



Fouad El Fil

Master Trainer (S&C Specialist and Exercise Therapist)

Mohamad El Fil

Personal Trainer (Muay Thai Fitness)

Mehio Farshoukh

Personal Trainer (Bodybuilding Specialist)

Dr. Dima Hadid

Licensed Clinical Dietitian

12 Weeks Cycle
Progression is based on a 12 weeks Block 100%
Choose your Path
You can choose the path that suites you 100%
Customize Your Path
You have the option to have a tailored customized plan 100%

Inspire Greatness

The time for you to become the next best version is now. Join Us by Spreading the Athletic Culture to over 10 Million People… As a Start 😉


Training never ends, it's a lifestyle from birth till the end.


Competition is a must, it unravel the true warrior inside of you.

Social Life

Fitness encourages a healthy social life and that's a sustainable wealth path.


Knowledge should never end and will never end. That's why we are here, to challenge you to become better.

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